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Where there’s a will, there’s a way: The Montafon valley is surrounded by three mountain ranges. To the north-west are the striking limestone cliffs of the Rätikon. To the south, the partially glacier-capped Silvretta. And to the north-east, the idyllic Verwall mountains. And over 500 km of marked hiking trails run back and forth, up and down, through lush pastures and forests, from chalet to chalet, past Alpine farms, over heights and ridges to the summits of the Montafon mountains. What better reason to put on your hiking boots?

Futhermore, with 860 km of mountain bike routes - from easy-going routes to carry sections for mountain bike freaks - the Montafon offers a biking scene that begs to be conquered.

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The Montafon Valley lies in the south of the Province of Vorarlberg, in Austria's south- western corner. It is surrounded by three mighty mountain ranges: to the north-west the striking chalk cliffs of the Rätikon massif, to the south the crystalline central Alpine rock and glaciers of the Silvretta mountains and to the north-east the Verwall range. Montafon is thus an ideal starting point for all friends of the mountains.

A total of 500 km of signposted hiking trails lead over lush meadows, through forests, from mountain lodge to mountain lodge, past alpine farms, over peaks and ridges to the summits of Montafon's mountain ranges, the Verwall, Rätikon and Silvretta (Piz Buin 3,312 m). Hiking shuttle buses, cableways and chairlifts shorten and simplify the approaches to the sunny heights. Mountain and hiking guides look after safety on (guided) alpine tours and climbing courses.

Mountain refuges and huts

The hiking area in the Montafon is very varied. A total of 500 km of signposted hiking trails lead over lush meadows, through forests, from mountain lodge to mountain lodge, past alpine farms, over peaks and ridges to the summits of Montafon's mountain ranges, the Verwall, Rätikon and Silvretta. For more information, have a look here.

Mountainbike & E-Bike

Pushing down powerfully on the pedals and in the process getting to know the unforgettable landscape of Montafon - that is pure joy for all who love exercise.

In a wide-ranging operation, all the mountain bike tracks in Montafon were re-signposted and included in a handy biking guide. 860 km of mountain bike tours - from the simple cycle path up to portage sections for mountain bike freaks - are offered by the Montafon: a biking scenario with plenty of challenges to overcome. Over 600 signboards indicate the individual tracks and guarantee absolute biker satisfaction.

Mountainbike tours

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Tenniscenter Silvretta Nova - TC Hochmontafon
Tel. +43 (0)5558 8261; www.novatennis.at
3 sand courts, 3 indoor courts with "gleitvelour" granular surfaces, badminton, sports café, sports shop, 1 fully automatic ball machine, modern course programme...

Horse riding

See how foals are handled, and explore the wonderful mountain world. Riding instruction for beginners and more advanced riders.

Climbing, Climbing gardens, Via Ferrate,...

Fixed-rope climbing routes provide you with a unique opportunity to venture onto vertical rock faces, even if you are no climber. In recent years a team of mountain guides and climbing enthusiasts has constructed a number of fixed-rope climbing routes in Montafon, which have made Montafon a top destination for “via ferrata” users. Experience the adventure of climbing under the leadership and guidance of a professional mountaineer.

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Nordic Walking and Running

The healthy form of exercise for every age group, which can be enjoyed throughout the year, 28 routes and about 180 km are waiting for you...

BergePLUS Montafon

A programme for children and adults with all the opportunities provided by mountain sports, whether it is mountain biking, climbing, guided excursions on foot or games afternoons. Mountain bikes, inline skates and other equipment are available... For more information, have a look here


Fullfil your dream of snow sports in Montafon. 243 km of marked runs at various degrees of difficulty ensure an ideal range of snow sports activities across the ski areas in Montafon. Scarcely any other region offers so much winter sports variety as Montafon - lowlanders are gently introduced to the steep mountain world, but pistes professionals are also happy here.


Go cross-country skiing over all the mountains in the Montafon. The altitude cross-country runs in the ski areas offer a fantastic experience of Nature in a breathtaking mountain world. They are snowsure thanks to the high location, and are always perfectly groomed.


A special experience is a guided ski tour with a state registered mountain and ski guide. The mountain guides in Montafon know the local snow, weather and avalanche conditions, and help you to enjoy an unforgettable day's touring.

Winter- & Snowshoe-Hiking

Hiking through white worlds - the winter fascination of glistening powder snow, winter landscapes in deep snow, impressive views across a sea of cloud …, for anyone hiking away from prepared trails in winter, a fascinating world of light, snow and ice opens up.

Many people, access to these winter landscapes is only possible with snowshoes. In fact snowshoes are not a new discovery. They were first used by the original inhabitants of North America to stop themselves sinking into the snow. When walking, particular attention must be paid to wild life. The presence of man must not lead to strength-sapping flight in the deep snow.


Up on a cableway and down on a toboggan! Tobogganing fun is guaranteed on the toboggan runs in Montafon. Many are even floodlit, so a toboggan party "by night" is possible. Toboggans can be hired on the spot.